Inscope Consulting facilitates businessmodel and social innovation with high-quality knowledge and well-founded analysis. So organisations can adapt to quickly changing markets.

How does your organisation balance between improving and renewing its businessmodel? Which levers and accelerators can you put to work? The Business Model Innovation Scan provides you with the insights to take action decisively.

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How does your organisation deal with the turbulent environment of the 21st century? Are stability and flexibility conflicting entities or do you resolve this paradox? The Quick Scan Flexibility helps you to determine the current and required organisational flexibility.

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How can you work smarter and innovate both management as well as the organisation? And how can you measure and visualise the impact of ┬┤New Ways of Working┬┤? With our knowledge and analyses about social innovation your technological innovations have a better chance for success.

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The most important instruments for innovation are the people within the organisation.

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