Business model innovation: not if, but how

In the current turbulent environment it is not a relevant question if companies have to renew their business model. Rapid changing technologies and strategies force companies to innovate their business model constantly. Continuing doing what you did means ceasing to exist. It is about how you change your business model, when to do so and to what extent.

Your challenges

Are you going to improve or expand your current business model? Or are you going to look for a fundamentally new business model? You will have to make this decision based on your customers or your own vision. It is necessary to identify and activate the right levers and accelerators while doing so.

Our solutions

Business Model Innovation Scan

We offer you the most efficient approach to determine your position with the Business Model Innovation Scan. Because the scan is based on research at hundreds of companies, it provides a thorough frame of reference. The Scan comprises a brief questionnaire and offers a manageable and informative management report instantly. Whether the questionnaire is used by one employee or the whole company; the speed and informative value of our Business Model Innovation Scan is unparalleled.

Masterclass Business Model Innovation

In a concise period of time we can give you and your colleagues the conceptual insights that can help you to get started. Provided with these pointers we investigate the most inspiring new business models with you. We also look at the levers you can activate to realize renewal. From conceptual to concrete in one day.

Project High Value Professional Services

Headed by Rotterdam School of Management’s Prof.dr. Henk Volberda, a team with extensive experience in researching and leading professional service firms has embarked to study the ways in which professional services will be provided in the 21st century and identify the innovations that bring most benefit to professionals and their clients. More information