Increasing turbulence requires more flexibility of organisations

The 21st century confronts managers with challenges unheard of. Technological innovations, changing regulation and economic instability lead to a hypercompetitive environment. Organisations facing such turbulence increase their chances for survival if they make room for flexibility.

Your challenges

As a manager you will have to take the lead by determining the preferred level and shape of flexibility. But what is wise to do? How can you identify the contradictory need for stability and efficiency with the need to innovate and renew? Which interventions are needed in the organisation to create conditions for both operational and strategic flexibility?

Our solutions

With the organisational flexibility framework we offer you a coherent structure and a frame of concepts to facilitate the discussion about flexibility. Our theories about organisation flexibility are scientifically underpinned. Furthermore, our models are based on a database with more than 6000 respondents from businesses and the public sector.

Quick Scan Flexibility

The Quick Scan survey can be filled in on an individual basis, but also by a part of or your whole organisation. An informative management report can be provided almost instantly. You quickly obtain a shared frame of reference for a discussion among each other and starting points to share your insights.

Individual scan and report

Get to the core of the matter and insight in your organisation. One licence costs €50. For 10 licences you pay only €250. You receive a licence for free if you purchase the book “Building The Flexible Firm” by Henk Volberda.

Team scan and workshop

Sharing knowledge and insights with your management team under expert guidance. Your management team fills in the scan independently from each other. After a presentation of the results, we facilitate a workshop aimed at determining a route for your organisation to optimal flexibility.

Company-wide analysis

bring the differences between business units and departments to light and develop a balanced revitalisation strategy for your whole organisation. Our team of researchers and consultants executes a complete custom made analysis, advises you about the optimal flexible organisation form and offers support during organisational development.