Social innovation determines the success of technological innovation

Three quarters of the success of innovations is determined by social innovation. Technological innovation only accounts for 25% of the success of a new product, an improved process or an renewed business model.

Dynamic management, flexible organisation and smart working are the tree building blocks of a social innovative approach. An approach that is characterized by participation of the workforce and collaboration with stakeholders within and outside of the organisation. Organisations which are successful doing so innovate faster and more effective.

Your challenges

As manager you are responsible for the strategic direction of the organisation. That means providing leeway for self-organisation and targeting on results. It is important to create the optimal conditions for new ways of collaboration. But how do you do that? How do you measure progress? How will you ensure that knowledge and motivation is spread within your organisation?

Our solutions

Impact Scan “New Ways of Working”

With our Impact Scan “New Ways of Working” (N-WoW) we visualise the impact of the implementation of N-WoW within your organisation. We measure the mentality shift and the behaviour, but also the productivity of your organisation and the appreciation by your customers. We do so quickly and efficiently, but always thorough and with an eye for your stakeholders. Together we determine which steps you can take with your organisation to make N-WoW pay off maximally.

Course Social Innovation

Our learning course offers insights in diverse aspects of social innovation. ‘Self-organisation’, ‘Collaborating generations and sustainable employability’, ‘Custom made labour agreements’ and ‘Bottom Up Innovation’ are several themes under discussion. We can make this course custom made for your organisation or you can join other organisations with equivalent issues.

Finext Way of Working (WoW) – in progress

One of the most social innovative organisations in The Netherlands – Finext from Voorburg – opens the doors for you.  Finext and Inscope Consulting develop a master course in which we share theory and practice with you. You can apply this knowledge directly in your own organisation. A unique concept focused on securing innovative organisation principles within your organisation.