Companies and public institutions are operating in a more and more turbulent environment. Technological innovations, changing legislation and economic developments succeed each other with an increasing pace. In order to adapt to such a turbulent environment it is necessary to re-invent your business model, increase the flexibility of the organisation and work much smarter.


Inscope Consulting supports organisations with business model and social innovation by providing high-quality and underpinned analyses. We apply scientific knowledge tailored to the needs of organisations and increase their chances for success in fast changing markets.

Our team

Prof.dr. Henk Volberda

Henk Volberda is Professor of Strategic Management at the Rotterdam School of Management and scientific director of the research institute Inscope: Research for Innovation. His book ‘Building the Flexible Firm’ has been listed as one of the most valued management books since its appearance in 1998. His last book ‘Re-inventing Business: how Dutch companies renew their business model’ is ubiquitously praised.

Dr. Niels van der Weerdt

Niels van der Weerdt is managing director of Inscope Consulting and an experienced consultant in the field of businessmodel and social innovation. He obtained his PhD after a large scale study of the performance of flexible organisations in The Netherlands. Together with Henk Volberda he supported dozens of organisations in their quest to flexibility and social- and business model innovation.

Erasmus Research & Business Support

ERBS_Division_ofInscope Consulting is a division of ERBS – Erasmus Research & Business Support and affiliated to the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. ERBS is part of EUR Holding and consequently related to Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Inscope: Research for Innovation is the collective research institute of the Rotterdam School of Management, Maastricht University, TNO and the University of Amsterdam. Inscope Consulting is directly linked to Inscope: Research for Innovation.